With over 4,000 members IATEFL , one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers in the world, is ready for the great event which is going to be held in Liverpool,UK on 8th-12th of April,2013.

Liverpool Online is a British Council / IATEFL partnership. The conference coverage features live and  ondemand video webcasts of conference presentations and workshops, video interviews,discussion forums and conference reports.
Liverpool Online provides teacher audiences worldwide with an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues
before, during and after the conference.
Last year over 70,000 teachers all over the world spent over 18,000 hours watching video we made available as part of the IATEFL Online Project.
This year ,it is  expected an even larger audience to join the event for Liverpool Online

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live schedule online: The link below takes you to the page including live schedule online. They are starting at 9.00 ( UK Time) o’clock everyday during conference.


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Liverpool Online Discussion Forums :   If you have question or want to share your ideas/comments on any topic, you are invited to write or start a topic.

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Broadcasting: IATEFL will begin the broadcast of plenaries and interviews on the 8th of April 2013.

Liverpool Online Live Channel



All Interviews

Throughout the Liverpool IATEFL Conference we will be broadcasting live each day from our Liverpool Online studio. All our video interviews will be available here for you to access in your own time.


Interview with Deniz Kurtoglu Eken

Interview with Mike Harrison

Teaching ”How to Learn English”

Teach your Students

HOW to Learn English

Basic English entails reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speech and spelling.Teaching adults English as a second language is very similar to teaching  children.

1.  You don’t need to know all the answers; As long as you are honest, say you don’t know, and then give the answers later.

2.Have a personality Laugh at yourself if you make mistakes

3.Be encouraging  Praise good work and never tell students they are stupid

4. ESL learners should not be afraid of making mistakes

5. ESL teachers should help the students to develop their reading habits Students should read interesting materials in English

6. Say them ‘Don’t be discouraged by  lack of progress’

7. Develop a daily plan to teach English .

8. Depending on what age group you teach, be sure that your students know basic English structure

9. Let them have fun

10. Use interactive technology in the class;Let them involve in the activities.



Some Useful Websites for Teachers

Here I’ll give some important websites and blogs for the teachers.These websites and blogs will be very useful for using in your class .The students  will not be bored in the classroom.These websites are a gateway to a vast number of English and Language Arts teaching resources, including lesson plans, curriculum units, presentations, quizzes, and more.

1. This link is for creating quizzes,stories,polls,poems and games


3.  Give voice to your presentations!


5. ESL Video Quizzes

6.  A voice-based e-learning tool

7.  Pronounce the words

8. English Agenda

9. World Stories

10. ESL Library

11. English films

12.  Create Speaking Avatars 🙂

There is an example of Speaking Avatars  for using in your class

13. For Busy Teachers

14. Free Printables for Teachers

15. Web Portal for Teachers

16. ESL Reading Worksheets

17. English Lesson Plans and Handouts

18. British Council

19. Creative Approach to Authentic Materials in ESL

20. Create Animated Videos!

Go Animate !

English Teaching Webinars for Professional Development


Webinars are online programs for the teachers to develop themselves.There are some important webinars for professional development.You can follow these webinars,they will be very informative about ELL.

 1.   (English Language Office (ELO) of the Public Affairs section works with Turkish universities and with the Turkish Ministry of Education to help improve the teaching of English Continue reading

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers-Using Technology in English Language Teaching

Technology and English

Why Teach with Technology?

Rock your classes with Technology!

            Here I’ll give some tips and links for using in the classes and I’ll give some free and simple tools to start integrating technology in your teaching scenarios.

 Why adding digital stories?

-These stories develop communication and motivate the students

-They’re interactive and interesting;engages students in their own learning

***  This is a website about writing letters to the future! The student will register and they will write something about their life so that they’ll practice writing in English

*** Penzu is a simple online tool for creating a personal journal

*** is about digital story telling.You as teachers can create digital stories and you can read these stories in your class.You can also create one account for your class as well.The students will enjoy!

*** you can create videos,you can upload some photos for these videos via some kind of musics

***’ It is a digital toy for creating animated comics. You can make your stories easier.

*** ”” digital storytelling program that enables users to upload pictures or documents

***” ”Animations

***’” Capture your student’s voice with a creative story and share them with their  family


***  Voxopop is a web based audio tool that enables users to record their speaking for othersto listen and respond to.

  Why Podcasting?

     A podcast is an audio file that one downloads and listens to. People produce podcasts to share ideas, presentations, or musics

*** ” Voice recording service

***” ” Share your sounds!


 Why eBooks?

    The students can investigate stories, characters, and history.They can also produce their own works by reading e-books.Not only they read these e-books but also they listen them by podcasts.

***” Audiobooks

*** ” ” Read books ,create and share

***” ”  Free books

***” ”  Books from Google books

 Why PowerPoint?

***” your presentations Zoom(This is best for me :))

*** Google Documents

*** 280 Slides is a web based presentation tool similar to PowerPoint

***   Wordle is a simple tool that enables you to create colourful graphic representations of texts

Last but not least these are some resources to use in your classes.Technology will rock your classes!:)